A Chorus Line,Playhouse on Park

"Ms. Bryan, Tracey Mellon and Sarah Kozlow offer a shimmering, heartfelt “At the Ballet,” an early assurance that the show is going to be just fine. The number is also well acted, as the women recall their inspirations — some positive, some not — to take up toe shoes."

     --David DeWitt, The New York Times

"The "At the Ballet" trio of Tracey Mellon (Sheila), Kayla Starr Bryan (Bebe) and Sarah Kozlow (Maggie) provided subtle yet beautiful harmonies in a number that always gets to me emotionally, and last night was no exception."

     --Joseph Harrison, Broadway World Connecticut

"And it is very moving to watch Tracey Mellon, Kayla Starr Bryan, and especially Sarah Kozlow perform the touching "At the Ballet" together."

     --Zander Opper, Talkin' Broadway

"She is wonderful with the insecure Bebe, played by the talented Kayla Starr Bryan, and the vulnerable Maggie, played by a terrific Sarah Kozlow, in “At the Ballet.”

     --Stephanie C. Lyons, Pillow Talking